The year 2014 marked a momentous year as the new Companies Act 2013 made CSR a necessary component of business and provided guidelines for the companies to plan and report their initiatives.
The introduction of the Companies Acct, 2013 brought forward the need for socially viable development projects by corporates as well as the need for credible implementing agencies.

To support the Corporates undertake relevant, contextualized and sustainable initiatives the following requirements were identified by us:

  • Socially viable, sustainable and development oriented initiatives that are aligned with the Company's vision & values.
  • Experienced, equipped and credible implementing agencies that have extensive geographic presence.
  • A platform for providing Corporates the option to co-develop project ideas or identify existing projects in alignment to Company vision.
  • An avenue for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) to put forth project ideas for replication with Company partners

To address the need, in 2015, FICCI - SEDF created a platform that provided all-round, one stop shop solutions for Corporates to strategize, devise and execute CSR projects, The CSR Hub





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